Theorem’s Automated CAD Data Validation & Checking Solutions

  • Save time and resource by automating manual data checking procedures
  • Verify translated data is the same as the original source data with fully automated processes
  • Summarised notifications are automatically produced, highlighting potential issues arising from translation
  • Tailored solutions to meet any data validation & checking requirement inlinewith existing procedures and processes
  • All common data validation types supported including:  Mass Properties, Cloud of Points and PMI/MBD
  • Further validation types that are possible to support include: Data Counts and Assembly Structure Validation
  • Theorem’s CADverter translation products have 20+ years of industrial use,robustness and quality is well proven, reducing your business risk.
  • Complementary Automation tools enhance Theorem’s position as World Leaders in Engineering Data Services and Solutions.

Theorem can consult, audit and report on the best practices and options for
incorporating Validation and Checking procedures and make independent recommendations to meet specific requirements.

For further information on Theorem’s CAD Data Validation & Checking: